Several great things have come with the internet starting with the numerous information of just about anything you want to learn. The internet is an incredible learning tool for newbies, including where to find cheap or free images for commercial use without copyright restrictions that may get you into trouble. Google search has been a friend to many of different questions that need answers. Here is a 5 step guide to how you can use Google Search to find those super cheap images for commercial purpose for your photography websites.

Step 1: Head over to the Advanced Image Search to find images you wish to use on your website.

Step 2: Select the ‘all these words’ icon that will display a search box where you can key in what you want such as “free stock photos for commercial use.”

Step 3: There will appear a ‘usage rights’ section that comes with a drop down list that you can use to select the type of image you want.

Step 4: Choose ‘Advanced Search’ to complete your search.

Step 5: Look through the many results brought till you find your ideal pick.

What to note when selecting your photography website templates

Have you ever started doing something innocently completely unaware of the consequences of your actions? That is why they say “information is power.” Ignorance may cost you more than you ever thought. That is why you need to research all there is to learn about a specific topic or situation you have zero experience in so you can learn everything about it.

Images found online claimed to be free for use are no different. Some of them are traps set out to capitalize from unaware subjects. Do not let one of those subjects be you.

Therefore, it’s important to note that although photography websites claim their images are free, you should still go ahead and double check their licensing instructions. This is so you can find out if they are free from copyright restrictions.

One thing to look out for is the CCO, Creative Commons licensing that marks the photos free from copyright restrictions.

The license of the images may also require you to credit the image creators when using them. So it is important to check every image since Google has no way of telling the legitimacy of every lawfully licensed image.

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