If you are looking to make an extra income and love taking photos, stock photography is the way to go. It can be a great avenue for generating revenue if you can pass the first few hurdles of breaking into the market. The best part is that your photos can be making you an income even while you are asleep. The fact is that high-quality images for commercial use are always on demand. Thus, your chances of not making it in this industry are slim to none.

What you need to use your images for commercial use

If you do not have a digital camera, you need to go out and get one. And not just any camera, but one that can produce high-resolution images of top quality. Stock agencies are very keen on selecting spectacular photos, and they have several painful processes your images have to go through before they can use them on their site. After all, they will be paying you good money to use your images, so this costly venture has to be thorough.

Secondly, you need to create an impeccable portfolio when uploading your images to their sites. Theirs is not like other photography websites filled with free stock photos. They have a stake in the process which makes them keen to every detail.

Once you get picked to become a contributor, you can start enjoying the benefits of your labor. However, most people quit trying once they strike a gold mine. You need to keep looking for other agencies to pay for your work. It has been said that it is never wise to store your eggs in one basket.

Currently, top stock agencies are very intent on displaying a few things of what you are expected to do as a contributor regarding the quality of your work. The following are top stock agencies where you can peruse through their sites to learn the kind of images they require.

Top photography websites that Act as stock agencies

  1. PhotoDune from Envato Market is the largest marketplace to sell images and videos. PhotoDune is the place where authors like yourself can reap 55% of every sale, which also increases if you put your images on their site exclusively.
  2. Alamy is another site where you can get 60% off of your images. They currently have over 15000 contributors.
  3. Crestock is another site users can find free photography website templates they can buy and reuse. This site has super-fast uploading speeds, but your photos will go through thorough quality checks before they are accepted.